The KI Easter Art Exhibition is to be moved forward to September 2020.

This is a decision not lightly made, but feedback from artists across the island has made it clear that the thought of submitting entry forms by 1 March –– just four weeks away –– is simply overwhelming. Events are too recent and feelings too raw.

The Artists Collective KI (ACKI) is planning instead for an opening on Saturday 26 September, with the exhibition running for two full weeks, closing on 11 October.

ACKI can confirm that Rhana Devenport, director of the Art Gallery of SA, and Emma Fey, CEO of Guildhouse, are both available to judge at that time.

The new date should bring a sigh of relief to the KI arts community.

Not only does it allow our artists to take a deep breath, it gives them time to reflect, digest, assess, consider and create.

September is spring, a time of renewal and hope, and new beginnings. ACKI looks forward to an artistic outburst shaped and perhaps inspired, not defeated, by the events of this summer.

Visit the Easter Art Exhibition page for your revised entry form.

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