Necklace (Edwardian sardine server), by Peggy Rismiller
Peggy Rismiller

I’ve always had a passion for nature. I  started collecting rocks, twitching wire and going to museums at an early age. I trained as a leather worker and environmental physicist. My technical training and fascination with gem stones, metals and ancient jewellery were a natural progression to bridge science and art. My preferred metals are 999 and 925 silver but recycling other metals and found objects add spontaneity and fun to my work. I work from my Far Side Studio in the mallees at Pelican Lagoon. For me, art and science have melded together – they are the language of nature.

Geraldine Muenchow

As a former resident of Kangaroo Island, I found the coastline and beaches of KI a great source of inspiration. Being a lover of landscapes I also enjoy painting the more rural scenes of undulating farmland, roadside mallees and rustic old buildings. The changing seasons of the landscape, contrasts of light and shade, and the play of shadows has always attracted me. My favoured mediums are watercolour, oil and pastel. My paintings have found their way around the world, as well as here in Australia. Currently in the gallery I have bookmarks, and a few small paintings. 

Paperbarks and Samphire, Chapman River, a wool, silk, cotton and paper tapestry from the Grampians Texture “Weaving the Landscape” workshop, expenses partly funded by Country Arts SA.
Joan Huxtable

I was a member of Artists Collective Kangaroo Island in the early days and organised the publicity and funding for the annual Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition.  I have recently rejoined the collective.  My tapestry weaving and baskets/wall hangings are created from a variety of materials: from silk fabric and natural fibre to fishing ropes and plastic.  Much of my work has an environmental bent, reinforced by my environmental activism on KI for over 20 years.Like the other members of the collective, I draw daily inspiration from nature, especially on KI.  Art sold at Artworks: tapestry weaving, wall hangings, baskets

Branka Gregor

To come.

Dave Clarke

Originally from England, Dave is a wildlife sculptor working predominantly in bronze and copper. He likes to amplify the scale, beauty and sometimes strangeness of some of Kangaroo Island’s smallest and most elusive creatures and give them something a little extra. Six-time finalist in the prestigious Waterhouse Natural History Art Prize for wildlife, Dave takes inspiration from the flora and fauna of the island and is also motivated by concerns for protecting and preserving the island in its natural state.

Gary Symonds

I moved to Kangaroo Island 4 years ago for work and fell in love with the island’s natural beauty and rugged coastline. I have always loved the ocean and its coastline and nothing I have seen so far compares to KI. Being away from city bright lights led me to try astro photography with my first DLSR an Olympus OM-D 5 mark II, purchased 2 years ago.Kangaroo Island’s beautiful scenery make it much easier to capture stunning sunrises and sunsets. I am now expanding my sights to some portrait photography as well

Karen Simons

From an early age I have had an artistic flair, and excelled in art subjects at school. In 1979 I studied at the School for Arts and Crafts in North Adelaide, other than that I am pretty much self-taught. Over the years I’ve tried many art and craft genres including drawing, painting, embroidery and beading, with many others also sparking my interest. I tend to focus most of my artwork on nature, especially botanical aspects, always looking for and finding inspiration where ever I go. Despite not living on Kangaroo Island myself, my family are long term residents and I have a strong connection with this beautiful Island.

Arnolda Beynon

The natural environment has always been the inspiration for my artwork. I studied Botanical Illustration at Sheffield University. I work in the traditional media of watercolour, pen and ink, and pencil to produce realistic images of plants and insects. Recently, I have taken up basketry. Experimenting with different fibres – natural and recycled – gave me the opportunity to make sculptural pieces. It also helps me use up some of the ever increasing treasure trove of found objects in my studio! My work is held in public and private collections, in Australia and the UK.

Table by Brian Johnston
Brian Johnston

I have been interested in working with my hands from the age of 5 when I built my first works. Then I just seemed to continue on, always something on the go. I get so much satisfaction in taking a piece of salvage material and turning it into a usable item, whether it be wood turning, furniture making or steel sculptures and/or combination of both timber and steel. I generally do my own thing but have done many commissioned pieces, usually sold on the east coast of Australia from Port Douglas down to Hobart. Keeping busy keeps one sane, so they say, and doing something you love.

Large Mandala praxis 2 by Josephine Newton

Josephine Newton

Josephine Newton is a self-taught artist, living in Adelaide and frequently spending time on Kangaroo Island. She creates handmade, individual artworks using a range of natural, found objects and tiny glass beads. Her unique artistic style reflects natural beauty, delicacy, serenity and order.

Lyn Bartlett

Lyn’s journal, a selection of illustrations from field journals kept by a lady of the Adelaide Hills.

Belinda Dorey

I first came to Kangaroo Island in 1987, two years into an around Australia working holiday/adventure. I never made it any further falling instantly in love with the island’s wild and unspoilt beauty. It remained my home until 2011. I love to draw and paint and my preferred mediums are pastel and oils. A nature and ocean lover I found plenty of daily inspiration while living on the island and seascapes remain a favourite subject of mine although I will tackle almost anything that takes my eye or captures the light.

Patricia Verwaal

Felt has taken the place of heavy metal sculptures.  I am amazed by the possibilities and great effects which can be created through felting. I am a founding member of Artists Collective KI.  I have been a curator of the Penneshaw Easter Art Exhibition and co-creator with Peter Walker of the annual, themed hall decorations. Art sold at Artworks: wall hangings, acrylic painting

Handrail and canopy by Sarah Northcott (acrylic and ink on paper, 12x17cm unframed, 26x32cm framed)

Sarah Northcott

My mostly small scale mixed media paintings are based on memories and photographs. By these means I hope to capture the memory and significance of a small moment of reflection on the details of a scene. I am interested in painting landscapes on a small scale.  My focus is on the details of incidental things in the scene like fences, road-signs and small architectural details, apparent from looking carefully and mindfully.  I have worked as a curator and arts administrator and I am enjoying painting while caring for a young family. I have family connections to Kangaroo Island and I admire the strong arts community.

Mist over Pennington Bay by Maureen Hinves (oil)

Maureen Hinves

I started painting about 15 years ago with the help of a family member who is an experienced and talented artist. I find it very relaxing, and it amazes me that I have the ability to achieve what I do. Pennington Bay is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island and I wanted to capture it with the mist coming in over the sea. It’s magic.

Little Penguin by Nicholas Burness Pike (watercolour)

Nicholas Burness Pike

To come

Roses by Suzanne Trethewey

Suzanne Trethewey

To come

Don Howard

I am a long time resident of KI and an exhibiting artist at KI Artworks Baudin Beach for at least 10 years. I started off using pastels then moved on to acrylics. I  paint a lot of wildlife, birds in particular, as well as landscapes but don’t restrict myself to any one thing. Lately I have been using epoxy resin with different timbers, pinecones and sheoak nuts which I then turn on my wood lathe mainly into bowls and vases with unique effect. I love art in all its forms.